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AdAwayAds are part and parcel of the internet we that we use today.  Ads may be sometimes relevant and sometimes irrelevant while surfing through the sides.  Ads will be useful at a time and will be more distracting and annoying on the other sides. It all depends on the type of ads you get.

In smartphones, may application hosts a ton a lot of ads which is more than the features of the application. Hence the smartphone ads will be very distracting in the meantime because they will be entirely blocking the screen and will not allow you do anything but a view or you need to manually close the ad to resume the work you were doing.

In order to avoid all these hassles and blocked the ads on the Android device, we have Adaway 2.8.1 APK.Adaway is an open source ad blocker tool that allows you to block the ads from the browsers and application which are throwing you a huge amount of ads.

How does Adaway Works?

  • Adaway requires a root permission in execute and makes changes in the hosts file to block ads.
  • Adaway blocks the URL of the ads serving pages by making the changes in the host’s files of the Android device.
  • Hence the URL is blocked via the host file the application will not be able to load the ad form the URL and it will not be displayed in the application.

How to install Adaway 2.8.1 APK:

  1. Download AdAway from official download page.
  2. Click on the link to download the Adaway 2.8.1 APK.
  3. Install the application on the android device. Adaway support devices above 2.1+.
  4. Once installed you can enable the superuser access to edit the host file and make changes.

Now all the necessary ads will be blocked from the Android device and enjoy browsing.

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