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AdAwayWhen you browse the internet in the day to day life, you come across the information you look and also the ads which are shown on the website. These ads are shown in all the web application and the website which is providing the information for free.  The ads will also distract some of us, hence we need to way to avoid this type of ads. We will show how to block these ads in the system.

For the system, there are lots of ads blockers available in the market, which are installed in the system and they will be blocking the ads in the browser, but what about the ads that are displayed in the other applications like streaming application and the other games in the android devices. So in these case we can a great efficient application to accomplish this sort of ads, the solution is Adaway.

Adaway 2.8 is the open source ad blocker for the android application that helps to blocker ads natively. Adaway  2.8 is a root-only application as it needs a superuser permission to edit the host’s files in the system. Once you install ad away in the device, it will block all the URL’s from which the ads are being served. Hence the application tries to load the ad form the URL will be a blocked URL and hence no ad will be displayed.

Required: You need to have Rooted Device to use in-app.

Steps to get Adaway 2.8 APK on the device:

  1. Head to the download page of Adaway 2.8 APK.
  2. Click on the link to get the Adaway 2.8 downloaded on the device.
  3. Install the application on the device.
  4. You should enable superuser permission in order to get it working.
  5. Now you are all ready to get the ads blocked.
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