Adaway v2.9.2 APK

AdAwayIn our daily life of browsing the internet for the information we might have come across thousands of websites, all these websites expect a few are running with ads, because it’s the important income for the website. Many times these ads will be good and will not be affecting the user’s who are coming to the best for the information. But in some case there will be few websites which break this rule, these those website will be delivering useless ads and it will annoying for us to view the required information on the website, making us leave the site and move on.

Mostly in the smartphone device, where there is already a small screen to view the required information, the ads will be disturbing the user a lot. In order to avoid this, we have an application, that is Adaway v2.9.2 APK.

Adaway v2.9.2 APK is an open source ad blocker that is available for free. The Adaway is a root-only application that needs the user permission to run on the Android device. The Adaway v2.9.2 APK blocks the application by having a list of URL from which the ads are the server and then blocking those URL via the host file of the device. Hence later when the other application tries to access the Ads URL it will not be able to process the request and show up a blank page.By this method, Adaway blocks the ads.

How to install Adaway v2.9.2 APK:

  1. Download AdAway from official page.
  2. You can find the link to download the Adaway APK into the device.
  3. Check if the device is properly rooted in order to begin the installation process.
  4. Click on the downloaded Adaway APK to install the Adaway app.
  5. You need to grant the Super User permission in order to write to the host files.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the ad-free browsing.

Other APK versions: v2.8.1 // v2.8

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